Plane Tree Academy

A Short History


Plane Tree Academy-In Omnia Paratus (‘prepared for everything’) began in the late 90’s as a home school program for college prep. Plane Tree Academy also has its roots in the Plane Tree program that ran from 2001-2009 at a local arts charter school. It was an interdisciplinary program designed originally for home schooled students who may either have never been in a school, or had minimal public school experience, and may have gaps in their knowledge. An integrated approach to traditional subjects was common, as disciplines interact within a single class. The bar was held high as some curriculum was college level delivered to 9th grade students. The program was designed to cover a multitude of subjects with an accent on interdisciplinary curriculum with students remaining together in one group throughout the day, and to give them a body of knowledge that would allow them to achieve at a high level in college.


The historical back story of the Plane Tree Academy goes back over 2,500 years, to Classical Greece. Hippocrates of Kos (the father of modern medicine) would walk to the Academy, and would meet aspiring and prospective students first thing in the morning under the large local plane tree in the center of town before school. He would teach them for an hour each day, and then continue on to school to teach a full day at the Academy.

He always said to his early morning group : ‘soon you will be ready for Academy’.

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