Options and Fees

Option one is tutoring. Tutoring is $75 per hour for students who only choose the tutoring option. Tutoring for students enrolled in a pod is $60 per hour.

Option two is pod learning. A full program or a few classes, it is up to the student to choose the learning path best suited to them.

Pod A (M and W 3:30-6) and Pod B (Tu and Th 3:30-6) will meet twice per week in person for five hours per week. Their off days are remote learning where they will work on their curriculum at home. Staff will be available for any questions, hints and inspirations required. This pod is ideal for those who are either using the program for a full home school, or a student who wants to diversify their current program. Pod C meets Friday 3:30-6, and will have 2.5 hours in person instruction along with one remote day of curriculum support. This pod is ideal for students who want to expand and enrich their current learning situation.

Pod A and Pod B – $300 per week

Pod C – $150 per week

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